Frequently Asked Questions


Who can receive massage?

Anyone! Men, women, pregnant women (all stages of pregnancy so long as the mother-to-be is progressing normally), children, infants, seniors!
There has been significant evidence that shows that massage can help alleviate anxiety and depression. Massage is great for almost everyone!

What should I wear to my appointment?

 We encourage you to dress casually. Wear something you don't have to struggle to put on or take off. If you have an event/appointment;etc to get to after your appointment, feel free to bring your extra clothes to change into. We have hangers on the doors to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. 

What if I feel uncomfortable during my session?

 If you want anything changed: pressure, a specific area, positioning or if you are too hot or too cold ... speak up!
You will not hurt the therapist's feelings by asking for something that will make you more comfortable. Your therapist wants this to be the best experience for you to relax and enjoy.
Also, what you requested in one session may be different in another. If you had a full body massage last time you had a session, but this time you only want your back/neck/shoulders/arms worked, it's perfectly fine to ask. Help us to help you have the perfect experience! 

Do I have to be completely undressed?

For a full body massage, most people undress completely.  We ask that you undress to your level of comfort.  

Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress, and you will be covered with linens at all times except the area being worked on.

Do I have to tip my therapist?

Although gratuity is not expected, it is appreciated.
If you choose to tip your therapist, the usual tipping range is 15% to 20%.
Do remember, there are ways to show appreciation other than tipping. Referring your therapist to others is a wonderful way of complimenting your service provider.

Can I talk during the session?

Absolutely! Some clients are the most relaxed when they are carrying on a conversation. Although some people prefer to talk throughout the session, don't feel like you have to make conversation with the therapist. Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy.


What is "Medical" Massage?

 Medical Massage by definition is Massage prescribed by a physician. 
That's right! You can get a prescription for massage from your doctor. 
We do accept HSA/FSA payments

Please contact your insurer to see if massage is covered by them. 

How often should I get a facial?

We recommend that you come every 4-6 weeks, depending on your skin sensitivity.​ 
Monthly facials are recommended to help aid in the cell turn over process. As we age, this cell turn over process slows down, contributing to dull sallow looking skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, congestion, and coarsely textured skin. Monthly facials assist your body in doing more efficiently what it is ”supposed” to do on its own. 

Can I receive a facial waxing such as an eyebrow or lip wax on the same day as my facial?

Yes! Waxing is always done first, prior to your facial, for the utmost comfort and safety of your skin. Any areas waxed will be carefully avoided during your facial exfoliation so as not to further irritate the skin.​ 

Do men receive massage/facials?

Absolutely! The benefits of massage are the same for everyone. Please, don't feel uncomfortable. Being a male client is not uncommon.
 Facials are very beneficial for men too, and can help reduce skin sensitivity from shaving as well as other concerns from lack of proper at home skincare. If you do suffer from sensitivity after shaving, it is recommended that you do not shave immediately before your facial, as this can lead to further irritation. 

Can I wear makeup after my facial?

 Ideally we would love you to go home and relax and enjoy your natural glow for as long as you can. We understand we all live busy lives, so if you are going out afterwards or back to work, putting on make-up will not harm your facial. Your skin will continue to radiate. 

Will my skin look red after my facial?

 No. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may be a little pink after the microdermabrasion or some of the peels. Speak to your esthetician and she can guide you to the appropriate facial or booster to keep your skin calm yet glowing. 

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Pillossage? What is that?

We are proud to offer the unique modality, that combines hands-on techniques with specially designed Mother Earth™ pillows.  These thermal pillows are filled with golden flax seed and are meant to be heated (can be chilled for clients who are hot natured) in order to help therapists loosen muscles and connective tissue in preparation for, and during, bodywork sessions. 


There are many advantages to using the pillows for massage. It can be incorporated into other massage or as a stand alone treatment. It can be done over clothing, which allows it to be used in situations where undressing is impractical or with populations who may not want to or be able to undress. The pillows can be used as a hot pack to warm up an area and then used as a tool for massage, too.  

  Our clients are raving about the pillows! The pillows are even preferred over hot towels or hot stones.  The most common testimony we hear other than, a relaxed "ahhhhhh" after the pillow is placed is, "I've never had that before! I loved it!"

Give us a call to experience a truly unique massage session!

Will my massage hurt?

Massage should never be painful. Please alert your therapist right away if you feel any discomfort so they may make adjustments or take another approach for your safety. Massage is most effective when your body is positively engaged and not resisting. (When you relax, your muscles relax and we are better able to achieve your therapeutic goals.)

There are many different techniques used in massage. Your therapist’s hands will feel confident and kind.

Some massage methods include long, slow, rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading, compressions, skin stretching, vibration and others. 

Some techniques are very gentle they almost feel like nothing is happening, while your tension and discomfort melt away. Other times your session will include the stretching of muscles and joints that range from gentle to pleasantly challenging. 

These techniques are intended to be comfortable and agreeable. If you find your body is “guarding” during the massage or if anything doesn’t feel good, please don’t hesitate to speak up so your therapist may adjust the approach.

Is Deep Tissue more effective?

 Most people mean deep pressure when they say “deep tissue.” A massage with deep pressure may be more agreeable for some people, but gentler techniques can actually be the most effective in addressing tension and discomfort. In other words, massage should use the pressure you prefer. Massage interacts with the nervous system, the driver of tension and pain, so it’s important that you feel comfortable and soothed by the massage. For some people, deep pressure is the most soothing, others prefer a very light touch. So it’s up to you.

If it’s your first session with us, we will check in on the pressure periodically. If you’d prefer your therapist to go lighter or deeper during the massage, it’s important that you speak up so we may provide you with the best massage experience and outcome.

How much water should I drink?

 Your regular amount. There is an excessive fear in the western world of dehydration but truthfully, your body has a great way of reminding you when you need more water. (Being thirsty!)  In fact, drinking too much water can result in hyponatremia (a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in the blood is too low.) 

Drink your normal amount, or drink a little more. No need to stress out counting cups, after all, you just got a massage! Relax and drink when you feel like it!

How will I feel after my massage?

Many of our clients feel very relaxed following their massage and have a good night’s sleep. Some experience relief from aches and pains, increased mobility and a sense of lightness and wellness. Once in a while a client may feel slightly light-headed after lying on a massage table for an hour or longer, but that usually passes quickly. Much more often people experience calmness, followed by a sense of increased energy and productivity. Some experience a temporarily increased tenderness or soreness within a day of the massage (more likely the stronger the massage), but this typically subsides in a few hours.  

Is it okay to get a massage when pregnant?

Can you receive massage during pregnancy? (Yes!) Can your ankles be massaged?(Yes!) Do you have to be in the second trimester before receiving massage? (No!) Massage is safe during any stage of  pregnancy. 

Provided that the client is healthy. There are a lot of myths regarding pregnancy and massage. Please feel free to ask one of our massage therapists if you have any questions.  

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