Erin Montgomery - Massage Therapist

 Erin is a Licensed Massage Therapist with an evidence based approach to massage, she uses a BPS model of framework and has a specific interest in Pain Science.

Erin provides massage services using deep pressure, Swedish massage, DNM, and Pillossage.​

For more information on Pillossage, look under "More Massage Information" on our FAQ page.

You are unique to You.

Erin approaches each of her clients with the desire to meet their therapeutic goals for that day. What worked for someone last time may not work next time. 

It is important to change and adapt with the client just as their daily lives and stressors do.

She treats each client with that perspective in mind. Every client has different needs and different goals. It doesn't make sense to give everyone the same massage as the last person.

Erin is dedicated to being the best she can be; propelling herself forward in her career and learning all she can to help her achieve the goals of her clients. She is always reading a new book or article to expand her knowledge.
(And always has light-read, client education handy, too!)

We often hear from clients that "Erin just keeps getting better and better!"

And the best part is, she will only continue to improve.


Cherise Moses - Esthetician

Additional Information

With spa and dermatological experience, she specializes in nourishing facials with radiant results.
Cherise is excited to apply her expertise and services to you in an introductory price of $60 for 60 minutes. She is now accepting limited appointments for select Saturdays beginning in January.

Online booking available!

More info on Cherise coming soon!

Pamela Ekizian - Esthetician

  ​Pamela is a licensed esthetician who offers facials, hand and foot treatments, waxing, and sugaring services.  

"Skincare is what I love!"

 "I graduated from Aveda Institute in Austin, Texas.  'I love what I do and I do what I love.' Skincare is what I love! I combine holistic and natural botanicals with the clinical. I enjoy seeing great results on each client. I am always educating myself and pursuing new techniques for anti-ageing."  

"My favorite service is the Interlude Spa Facial. My clients love this one because they relax but always see results from dull, dry skin to a glowing, radiant complexion."

Pamela has a very flexible schedule, she is available, mid-mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Schedule with Pamela and come see why she does what she loves!

Jennifer Montgomery - Owner/Esthetician/LMT

The Rejuvenating Facial Experience

With over 14 years of experience as a Licensed Esthetician and 9 years as a LMT, Jennifer has spent a great deal of time developing better skills to deliver both glow and deep rest. Her philosophy is that true skin healing takes place while addressing the body and mind's need for relaxation and rest. Therefore, stress-relief is always a first priority.

Jennifer offers a unique, customizable facial tailored to the individual's needs.
She uses advanced, personalized scalp and face massage techniques that encourage smooth, uplifted, contoured, calm and happy skin.

Organic, Whole Plants and Holistic, Oh my!

Taking a holistic approach allows for the use of whole plant, organic, fresh ingredients while avoiding synthetic products or preservatives.  Jennifer utilizes pure, nutrient and mineral rich ingredients such as volcanic mud, floral waters, aloe vera, honey, teas, high quality oils, to massage into the skin leaving a repaired, restored, and rejuvenating glow.

Facials may include hot water bags, warm flax seed pillows, ultrasonic cleansing, ionic wave cleansing, oil cleansing, vacuuming, cupping, high frequency, Gua Sha, cold therapy and/or acupressure.

By incorporating different techniques every single time, coupled with a truly intuitive intention, your session will evolve from just a regular facial appointment to a unique experience you can't get anywhere else.


Optional time frames are offered for this revitalizing and replenishing facial which can include body massage upon request for 90 minutes or more.

30 minutes - $50 (basic cleansing only)
60 minutes - $75 (includes shoulder massage)
75 minutes - $100 (includes neck and chest treatment)
90 minutes - $130 (extended time)
120 minutes - $175 (add full or partial massage)
120 minute Volcanic Mud Massage - $250

Please call 512-556-4886 or send us an email to schedule your next visit with Jennifer.
*Please note, Jennifer is in high demand and you will need to schedule an appointment in advance. With that being said -Patience is a virtue and you will be thrilled you waited!

Lynne Cann - Hair Stylist

 Lynne is a licensed hair stylist who provides a wide range of services including but not limited to waxing, cut/styling options, coloring, and keratin treatments.

"I just love making people feel good."

Many people are concerned of the ability of their hair stylist to cut/color/style their hair- with Lynne, you can set your mind at ease, she can easily manage all hair types!

She has been in practice for 13 years and she can't imagine doing anything else. She says she, "just loves making people feel good."

Lynne is no longer accepting appointments at this time.